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Indestructible parts keep your machines rolling


Plastic loses its plasticizers over time, making it hard, brittle, and susceptible to cracking under temperature extremes. And what are we meant to do about the cheap plastic parts in the machines we use every day when they quickly and inevitably fail the test of time and must be thrown away so they may finally decompose 1000 years from now? The answer we usually resort to?

Buy a whole new one so that the process may be repeated.

Our products end the cycle. We make metal replacement parts that stand the test of time so that they never need to be replaced again.

We are Indestructible Parts.

Our Products

Top rack dishwasher wheels

The wheels that make your dishwasher rack roll are designed poorly. The hubs are plastic, but they're assembled with a sheet metal screw at the factory. That means they're probably broken before you even do your first load of dishes. 

Unfortunately, you can't just buy a new part. You have to buy an entirely new rack.

We make an indestructible replacement kit of custom hubs, machine screws, and lock-washers to keep your dishwasher running. 

The kit is made entirely from commercial food service high grade 300 series stainless steel that never cracks or rusts. They operate smoothly, and the temperature extremes of your washer won't affect them. 

Now, you don't need to throw out the largest part of your dishwasher just because of one little broken piece.

Hose reel wall brackets

The bracket that holds your hose reel is cheaply made. The large, heavy reel weighs down on the small and weak plastic bracket. It is not made to endure the rain, snow and dust it experiences in the outdoors.

We make an indestructible wall bracket made of aluminum that will stand the test of time.

Our replacement part is made in the USA from military grade aluminum alloy 6061-T6 that will never crack or rust. It will hold up through the years, rain or shine.

Now you don't have to throw out the largest part of your hose reel and start a cycle of buying, throwing out, and replacing.

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