Fun Facts About Dishwashers


Dishwashers were invented in 1887 by Josephine Cochrane because her servants kept chipping her china.

The first dishwasher was the Superwasherupper. It was hand operated by a crank which would turn the dishes around in a rack while soapy water was sprayed on them. At first Cochrane targeted housewives, but they didn't want an expensive device that they didn't see the need for. She shifted her focus to hotels and restaurants, and in this way the dishwasher didn't become available to the general public until 1950. Her company went on to become KitchenAid.

A dishwasher uses less water than washing by hand.

Running a load of dishes uses a sixth of the water, half of the energy, and less soap than washing all your dishes by hand. So even if you have to run the dishes again, it still uses a third of the water and the same amount of energy. To save even more energy (and money), wash at night.  



Dishwashers don't just wash dishes.

They can also wash:

baseball caps, flip flops, and rubber boots;

tooth brushes, hairbrushes, combs, makeup brushes, contact lens cases, mouth guards, shower puffs, hair ties, and fingernail clippers;

lunch boxes and toys; 

dog toys, dog collars;



golf balls;

...and potatoes.