The Story

It was the summer of 2005, and we had just bought our first brand new dishwasher for our new home in Lyons, Colorado. It was a Maytag. The problem was hit only a few months afterward, when we noticed the top rack was broken. We had a Maytag repairman came out. He ordered a new part, waited two weeks, and trashed the whole top rack, replacing it under warranty. A few months later, the same thing happened again. This continued to happen, and our trashcan was getting full. It wasn't long before our warranty expired, and we decided there was no way we were going to continue this. 

As an engineer by trade, I decided to take a look at the issue myself, and immediately saw the problem. They had used a giant sheet metal screw to attach a small plastic wheel. With everything that happens in a dishwasher, from corrosion, soap, and extreme temperatures, I saw there was no way this part could survive.

I decided to ask my dad to help me out. He's a mechanical engineer who knows stainless steel, and he has an in with a machine shop. The family came together and designed a new, indestructible part, which we now order by the hundreds.

Now, our family continues to make new indestructible parts to replace plastic ones wherever we find the need.

We save trash, money, and energy all around the country.

- J. P. Mathews, founder.